What payment method for this site?

CB & Bank Transfer by STRIPE : place your order, select STRIPE, a STRIPE payment link will be sent to you by email to make the payment.

Check (france only) : Place your order, enter "cash payment" to finalize your order then contact us by mail to know the payment methods by check.

Bank transfer: Place your order, we will send you an email with our bank details to make the payment


How long will my order arrive?

It will be treated as soon as possible, you will receive an email informing you of the departure of your package that you will receive within a maximum of one week.

What quality are DVDs?


Most of them are good and very good. Some are of lower quality, this being due to the rarity and the antiquity of the documents they contain. Rest assured that these are the only and / or best you can find.

Are these DVDs official?

No. These programs come from many years of archiving and are exclusively designed and reserved for fans who could not see and / or save these images. They are and will certainly never be offered in the trade.

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