Michael Jackson DANGEROUS performances Live

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Michael Jackson DANGEROUS performances Live


01.You Were There (Sammy Davis Jr. Tribute 1989) RARE

02.Medley - Jam, Billie Jean and Black Or White (Super Bowl Show 1993)


03.Heal The World (Super Bowl Show 1993)

04.Dangerous (American Music Awards 1993)

05.Black Or White (MTV's 10th Anniversary 1991)

06.Will You Be There (MTV's 10th Anniversary 1991)

07.I'll Be There (Pepsi Commercial 1993)

08.Gone Too Soon (52th Presidential Inaugural Gala 1993) Rare & unique in live performance

09.Heal The World (52th Presidential Inaugural Gala 1993)

10.Remember The Time (Soul Train Awards 1993)

11.We Are The World (Inaugural Celebration for Presidant Bill Clinton 1993)

12.If You Only Believe (Jackson Family Honors 1994) RARE