Michael Jackson : News Report Collection Volume 1

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Michael Jackson : News Reports Collection Volume 1

Arriving in London 97 and 2001, 
Oxford speech and visit, 
Heal the Kids conference, 
Will you be there trial, 
Angel ball, 
Bad tour in Italy, 
Brooke Shields, 
1988 hospitalization, 
Korea visit, 
Bill Clinton phone call joke, 
Birthday in Copenhagen 1997, 
Prince and Paris, 
Lady Diana funeral, 
London 1992 backstage, 
Elvis tribute, 
Hall of Fame induction, 
HBO rehearsals, 
Bahamas Hotel, 
Internet speech, 
Fox news interview, 
on the set with Karen, 
London visit 2002, 
Exeter visit, 
Mexico city visit, 
Milan visit, 
Sony scandal, 
Australia wedding, 
History tour start, 
Shopping in Los Angeles, 
Sammy Davis gala arriving, 
Trump Tower visit, 
CBS interview, 
Wolf family at Neverland .... and many many more